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To maintain reputation as having their doctors as one of the very best in the world, Belgium health system is popular around the world and Europe as the centre of exceptionally high standards of health care, clinical standards, surgery and after-care.

Doctors are well trained and up-to-date with the latest medical developments. Doctors undergo extensive periods of education and training locally, in the UK, and USA. Plastic surgeons must have studied a minimum of 12 years in total before they could perform surgery.

Many doctors in Belgium speak English as much of their medical training in Belgium often requires the use of text books written in English.

Belgium hospitals boast of less than 0.5% secondary infection rates, therefore the problem associated with surgery and risk of secondary infections are virtually eliminated.

Singelberg Clinic is a private hospital and has its own staff. The difference is that the doctor will be in charge of his patients care during their stay in the clinic, as opposed to a hospital where you are taken care of hospital staff nurse till the doctor becomes available.