PLUM5 fotografie

ClientPLUM Photography
SkillsWebdesign / E-commerce
heART eARTh photography


We take walks in the woods, Plum and me.

Of that, we feel silence and peace. We feel&become quiet.
We do it for joy…the joy of playing, the joy of making pictures.
We listen. We look. Nature gives and we receive.

Plum5 wants you to feel these energies through these images.

Sit down in front of your favorite image and become quiet and silent. Make looking at these pictures something transformative.

Give yourself the freedom to feel and go into your own interpretation – it’s magical, it’s therapeutic, it’s healthy for the soul and it’s relaxing.

Do it for yourself.


Let us surprise you. Let you surprise you.

A whole new world will open up.

Plum & Me