LaunchPad 39 strategic consultants

ClientLP39 strategic business consultants
SkillsPhotography / Media Production / Webdesign / events
Is your business struggling? Need some fresh ideas? Looking for a new angle?


The LaunchPad 39 strategic core consultants team consists out of  3 x 30+ years..

Together they form an amazing unconventional team that goes back 30 years. In the early days they were individually creating mostly conceptual art projects.
Occasionally they joined forces and co-created insane installations or art-events. Later on they started there own successful businesses and gathered experience and expertise on many subjects. The roots in art and education evolved into more tech and internet minded projects.

They evolved each in a different field of business expertise and are now ready to share this knowledge as strategic, creative consultants.

In fact they are the living proof that a person, business or brand can be turned around into a new successful concept.